Testing Centres and Counseling Venues in South Africa

Helen Joseph Hospital

The Themba Lethu Wing of Helen Joseph Hospital in Westdene is home to the Right to Care head office, which is dedicated to HIV care and support in adults and children.

Helen Joseph Hospital
Perth Road
Tel: 011 276 8850

Self Testing

In South Africa HIV Self Test Kits are available for purchase on the on the internet enabling you to do an HIV test in the privacy of your own home. You can order online or telephonically.

Tel: 011 482 5135
e-mail: info@hivtestkits.co.za

The AIDS Consortium

The AIDS Consortium, in Braamfontein offers counselling, testing and advice on lifestyle changes for better health.
The AIDS Consortium
187 Smit Street
Tel: 011-403-0265

Kagiso Migson ManorHealthcare organisation

In Lenasia, HIV testing and counselling is offered at Kagiso Migson Manor Healthcare organisation, you can visit them at:
3231 Silicon Crescent,
Lenasia South
Tel: 011 855 0077

Kganya Motsha Adolescent Centre

Teenagers and adolescents in Soweto have access to health related queries which are pertinent to teens, including pregnancy, substance abuse and HIV information, testing and counseling

9 Union Road
Kliptown (opposite the Soweto Tourism Centre)
Tel: 011 945 6405

Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre

Fourways is home to the Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre which runs a daily HIV clinic which covers testing, counselling and health and lifestyle advice. Witkoppen Health Centre are also involved in AIDS research on all levels.
105 William Nicol Drive
Tel: 011-705-2438

GF Jooste Hospital

Manenberg in the Western Cape offer antiretroviral treatment, counseling, HIV testing and male circumcision at:
GF Jooste Hospital
Western Cape
Tel: 021 690 1000

Lady Michaelis Hospital

Lady Michaelis Hospital in Plumstead is a venue for testing, counseling and treatment of HIV infected patients.
Burbham Road
City of Cape Town
Tel: 021 797 8171

Mangaung - Free State

Mobile testing, treatment and counseling clinics are available in Mangaung, Free State. These clinics also offer medical male circumcision. You can reach them on
Tel: 051 405 2295


If we have not listed a clinic in a location near to you, you will be able to search for one in your area by going to www.healthsites.org.za



Pregnancy and HIV testingMother to child transmission of HIV can be prevented

Why should pregnant women test for HIV?

HIV testing is recommended for pregnant women because she is now responsible for two lives and early detection of HIV will allow her to make important decisions regarding her own health and the ways to prevent mother to child transmission.

How does Mother to Child transmission can take place

During labour and delivery
Breast feeding

When is anti HIV medication administered to prevent Mother to Child Infection?

1.During pregnancy – medication is given as part of a prevention regimen, it is also altered to suit pregnancy
2.During labour and delivery – During labour woman are given intravenous anti HIV medication and continue to receive ARVs orally.
3.After birth – Babies born to HIV positive mothers will receive HIV preventative medication in liquid form for 6 weeks.


Pregnancy and ARV treatment