Positive Life aims to combat the spread of
HIV and Aids through education.

Education is not only to help those who do not have the HIV virus stay HIV negative but also to help those who have contracted the virus to live a full and healthy life and to modify behaviours so that HIV does not spread unchecked.

HIV/AIDS Dictionary

HIV- Human Immune deficiency Virus
AIDS- Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome
Antibodies- Cells produced by the body to fight infection.
CD4- Fighter cells/ immune cells
Antiretrovirals- Medication to slow the progress of the HI virus
STI- Sexually Transmitted Infection
Kaposi Sarcoma- Aids related cancer
Lesions- Injury to the living tissue of the body, usually as a result of disease or injury
ADC- Aids dementia complex
Adherence- Taking medication exactly as prescribed
Viral evolution- The change in the make-up of the virus. Influences ART
ART- Antiretroviral therapy
ARV- Antiretrovirals
VCT- Voluntary counseling and testing

Telephone numbers
to remember:

National AIDS Helpline: 0800 012 322
HIV Health Workers Hotline: 0800 212 506
AIDS Consortium: 011-403 0265
AIDS Law Project ALP: 011- 717 8600
National Association of people living with AIDS(NAPWA): 011-872 0975

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC):
Cape Town: 021-364-5489
Johannesburg: 011-403-2293
KZN: 031-304-3673
Eastern Cape: 043-760-0050

Symptoms of HIV

Displaying symptoms of HIV infection is the body's way of trying to tell you something is wrong with it. Knowing your body will enable you to notice these symptoms immediately. As with any other infection, HIV will cause your body to react with a set of symptoms. These symptoms are however very similar to a number of illnesses and the only sure way to know your HIV status is to have an HIV test done.

HIV Testing

Individuals can do HIV testing is done through out South Africa, it is a voluntary test administered by professionals and includes both pre and post test counseling aimed at modifying behaviours in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

Testing Positive for HIV

Testing positive for HIV is not a death sentence. It means altering certain behaviours including your diet and smoking habits which will enable you to keep your health, and allow you to participate in all the activities you were already involved in.

HIV Treatment

At present there is no cure for HIV/Aids but ongoing research has proved promising and has delivered means of treating HIV which allows for a healthy life filled with goals and achievements in the same way as anyone else. Read more about HIV treatment.

Living with HIV in South Africa

The South African government and the Department of Health have the same goal in mind. Combat HIV. To this end treatment and medication have been made available to all who need it. Communities and individuals across the country are committing themselves to the war on HIV through initiatives like TAC and adherence clubs. Gladly the mindset that HIV is a death sentence is beginning to fade and the fighting spirit is as strong as ever.